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We understand that the decision to apply for disability benefits is difficult; no one ever wants to apply for benefits. In all of our experience, we have never had a client who was excited about applying or having to admit that their condition was severe enough that it prevented them from working. You’re not alone in feeling this way. Countless hardworking Americans are in your same shoes. The Social Security Disability program was created to help people like you to get the financial and medical assistance that they need until their condition improves to the point that they can work again. Disability is not a death sentence. The Social Security Administration has numerous programs to help those on disability to get back to work, but before that can happen, you need to focus on getting better. Let us help you get to a better place. Our attorneys and professionals have helped thousands of disabled Americans to get the disability benefits they need. We’ll help take the pain out of the disability process. We’ll file your claim, deal with Social Security and work with your doctors all in an effort to get you approved for disability benefits.

Focus on getting well and we will focus on the red tape.

Make sure your help is experienced in SSI and SSDI applications.

  • Every application for Social Security Disability is different. We have the experience to work on a claim at any stage during the disability process. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by filing out the form to the left or call us at (480) 442-0086.
    The Social Security Administration is not in the customer service business. Do not lose out on benefits to a system fighting your approval.
  • Let us talk with the SSA on your behalf. Learning the ins and outs of the Social Security system takes trial and error and a lot of time. We have been there and have dealt with all types of claims. We understand how the SSA works.

    Did you know anyone can represent you in a Social Security Disability claim? The Social Security Administration allows anyone to handle a claim.

You can be confident your Social Security Disability claim is handled by an attorney with Alliance Disability.

We are
only paid
upon approval
of ssi and ssdi

All Social Security Disability Attorneys are paid when they are successful at an approval of a disability application. All attorneys, and advocates are paid the same. The fee is controlled and set by the Social Security Administration. You only pay after you are approved for benefits. The fee is 25% of your back payment never to exceed $6,000. Once approved your monthly award is 100% yours.

We handle appications,
Appeals of denial letters,
and Hearings

feel confident knowing a Licensed Attorney is Always Handling Your Claim

We Know The Language, the rules and they system created by the Social Security Administration

Services Offered

Social Security Disability Attorneys are paid the same nationwide.

Social SOcial Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Applications

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Applications completed by a qualifed Social Security Disability Specialist

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Applications

SSI applications also completed by a disability specialist ensuring a complete through application.

Social Security Disability Appeals for Denials

Timely Appeals to Avoid Longer Wait Times and Quicker Decisions
SSI and SSDI Appeals Completed

Social Security Disability applications do not always end with a happy ending.

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Social Security Disability Attorney Representation at Hearing

Assistance for Clients Regarding

We understand that applying for Social Security Disability takes much longer than it should. We want to help the ong waiting periods by assisting with Health Care application, Cell Phones, and the Cost of Living and Prescription Drug Costs**

**Qualifying for programs is often decided by factors not under our control.  

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We are based out of Phoenix, Arizona but handle cases nationwide. Social Security is a Federal Program and any attorney that is licensed in one state can practice Social Security Disability Law nationwide. This means that a Social Security Disability Attorney is near you at all times with Alliance Disability. In fact, you don’t even have to be an attorney to practice Social Security. Many firms these days use, advocates to represent their clients. You can always know that your case is always supervised and handled by an attorney when a client of Alliance Disability. If you get to a hearing there won’t be a surprise dropped on your head that your representative from the ACME Law Firm is Dave who worked at the gas station just a year ago. No offense Dave.

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At Alliance Disability, our years of experience have taught us that the relationship between attorney and client matters. An alliance between you and disability professionals makes all the difference in your claim for disability benefits. At some law firms, you’re just a number, but at Alliance we work closely, side by side with our clients to ensure that they get the benefits they need.