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strengthening applications with experience

An application is the first step to any Social Security Disability claim. Knowing the proper way to complete an application could be the difference in getting approved for disability benefits on the first try.
The Social Security Administration does not always do everything they can to help your chances at approval. The responsibly to complete an application rests your shoulders not the the Governments. Alliance Disability attorneys are paid when we get applications approved giving us the motivation to do everything we can to get a client the benefits they need. The Social Security Administration employee working your claim gets paid regardless if you are approved or denied.

Denial letters, appealing Social security disability applications in a timely manner

Perhaps the deadline has passed for your appeal. There could be a way to reopen your previous claim. We understand what makes a Good Cause Appeal. Contact us we may be able to assist. If we can’t reopen the claim there is no cost to you. Worst case scenario the claim isn’t reopened and you don’t pay for the work we did….or we can always submit a new application and begin the process fresh.

let us deal with the social security administration on your behalf

The Social Security Administration is severely backlogged with disability applications, underfunded, and understaffed. They are not in the customer service business, and your file is not as important as you would hope. Social Security Disability Attorneys exist because the process is complex, and the system is not easy to navigate. Social Security has their language and isn’t concerned about how your mind and body feel. Their rules and criteria are what matters in a decision. It is not really what you would think it be. Use our experience to play by their rules. We have the rule book. It is big and boring, but it is essential to give your claim the best shot. Don’t become fluent in Social Security Disability it is boring, let us deal with your request for disability

Denial letters, appealing Social security disability applications in a timely manner

We always make sure that Social Security Attorneys supervise the entire claim process, making sure that everything that should be done is done.

Some advocates are amazing representatives but let’s face it they have little to lose. They are not licensed, and there are few requirements for becoming one. To save money, they are used by many firms nationwide. When shopping around we would ask about attorney and advocates. Social Security Disability Attorneys have an education and license that an advocate simply does not have.

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