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Arizona RXCard Free Method to Save on Prescriptions

Arizona RX Prescription DIscount Card for Drug Savings

Having issues with medication prices? Try this card. We are no way associated with it but we have had clients have tremendous success lowering their prescription costs.

The program is free and there is no application process, no waiting period, and no rejections.  The signup process is a simple as it comes and you can even price your medications to see if the program works in your benefit.  Most major pharmacies participate in the program and their is no cost to you.

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Step 1

Go and enter your name.  Hit create prescription card and now all you have to do is decide the format you wish to receive your card in.  You also have the option to create a confidential card.  The program will work with many major health insurance companies and savings top off at 75% and average around 30%.  It takes less time to fill out the required information and receive your card than it takes to read this paragraph.

Arizona RXCard Step 1

Step 2

Pick the format you wish to carry your card.  You can print it, send it via text and email.  Save it to your computer and even add it to Passbook.

Arizona RXCard Step 2

You get a preview of the card.

Arizona RXCard Member Name

The options on how to store and receive the card are above.  That is it.  It is really just that simple.  If you are unable to get the card through any of these options email us with your name and address and we will send the card to you.  You can also go into any participating pharmacy without the card and ask them to process your prescription with it.  We have not tested this method but having a physical copy seems to be a better choice.

Card Format Options

Pricing Prescriptions

Enter in the name of the drug you are pricing.

Step 1

Medication Pricing Step 1

Here are a few of the local participating pharmacies.  To get a full list click here.

Step 2

Next, enter in the dose prescribed by your doctor.  It will also ask you for the quantity.

Medication Pricing Step 2

Step 3

Then,enter your zip code and a mile radius for the pharmacies that participate in the program near you.

Medication Pricing Step 3

Step 4

Finally, a list populates with the pharmacies and the drugs.

Medication Pricing Step 4

Participating Pharmacies

Arizona RX Pharmacies