A Few Tips to Help Understand Social Security Disability

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  Social Security Disability is Not for Free Rides Millions of Americans are disabled and not able to work.  They want to work and they probably have been working with a disability.  Not able to take the time off work to heal and get better.  Only compouding their problem because not only do they need to work they want to … Read More

Social Security Disability Attorney or Advocate?

Social Security Disability Representatives Attorney or Advocates?

When you’re looking for someone to represent you in your disability case, make sure to find out whether they’re an attorney or an advocate. They’re very different things. An advocate is not an attorney; they have not gone to law school, passed the bar, or done anything to prove their competence other than take a multiple-choice test about social security. … Read More

Long Term Disability with Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability are two separate programs.

Many employers offer short term and long term disability programs for employees who find themselves unable to work due to qualifying medical conditions. Application for these programs is usually done through the human resources department at your work or through the insurance carrier. Once you’ve applied for short term disability, you’re usually covered for anywhere from 3 to 6 months … Read More

I Was Denied Social Security Disability, Now What?

Social Security Disability Applications are usually denied but the system does allow for appeals.

A: Your greatest chances of being approved for disability benefits are at the administrative law judge level of appeal. After your claim has been appealed twice (both at the initial claim and reconsideration level) you will eventually have the opportunity to appear before an administrative law judge to make your case for disability. Statistically your chances of being approved at … Read More

Why Is Social Security Disability Slow?

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After you’ve submitted an application for benefits, even if you did it online, your application has to be copied by hand into another computer system. The stack of applications waiting to be copied is significant. Once it’s copied it has to be reviewed to see if everything is in order before they even begin to look at your medical condition. … Read More

Can My Disability Attorney Stop Work on My Claim?

Fee Agreements often have clauses that allow attorneys to drop a client and a client to fire an attorney with little reason.

Ask a Disability Attorney Q:  My friend recently received a letter from his disability attorney saying they were no longer working on his disability claim. Can they do this? Why? Age 45, Office Manager A:  Unfortunately, there are times when an attorney has to let a client go. In most cases, there is nothing that prevents a disability attorney from dropping … Read More