Common Disability Hearing Mistakes

Common Mistakes made at hearing by Social Security Disability Applications.

Chances are that if you’re scheduled for a Social Security Disability hearing, you’ve been waiting for a long time. The average wait time, from the time of request until the hearing itself, is around 12-18 months. When you finally get to your hearing you want to make the most of it so make sure you go prepared. This article highlights two important things that you should do…one before your hearing and the other during the hearing.

Social Security Disability Hearing Advice

Social Security Disability Hearing Advoce from an Alliance Disability Attorney

Looking for advice on what to expect on an upcoming hearing? Don’t expect too much to happen if you haven’t secured representation. Most judges would rather deal with a person experienced to give you the best shot possible in a hearing. Representation is often strongly suggested by Judges at hearing. Don’t worry Judges will grant an extension on your claim while you find the right fit for you.