Social Security Disability Applications, Continued Employment

SOcial Security Disability Applications and Working can be tough but doable.

Applying for Social Security Disability and Continuing to Work

Working while Disabled

Can you apply for Social Security Disability and still work?  Yes, you can but there are guidelines. Read more about the guidelines set by the Social Security Administration.  They do not allow for much wiggle room.  However, the ability to bring in some income is better than none.

The Guidelines for Applying for Social Security Disability While Working Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration regulates the amount you can make while working and applying for disability.

1.Substantial Gain Activity

If you are working and making over what is called Substantial Gainful Activity you will not be considered disabled under Social Security Disability rules.  If you have no arms, no legs, and no head but somehow made over this amount you will NEVER be considered disabled under Social Security’s rules.  The amount allowed by Social Security is currently $1090 a month before taxes.  Some law firms will not consider representing a claim if they are working and making under this amount.  Social Security allows you to earn limited income and we understand the difficulty of applying and waiting for a decision with no income.  We do not consider a potential client earning under the allowed amount to be an issue.  If you plan on applying and want to find representation we strongly suggest asking any firm you talk to about how they feel regarding working while making under $1090 and representing you as a client.  We file successful claims with clients who are working and abide by these rules on a regular basis.  As long as you play by the rules set by Social Security regarding working as a disabled claimant there is no issue.

Work within your abilities when applying for Social Security Disability and employed

2. Unsuccessful Work Attempt

If you apply and find a job Social Security will not immediately toss your application in the trash.  You are given 90 days to see if you are able to successfully transition into your new employment.  If you are able to continue this job after 90 days your application will be closed out.  However, your application continues to move forward as you attempt to work and will not be closed out if you do not reach the 90 day period because of your disability.  It is important to notify Social Security and any  Representative assisting your claim about your attempt to work during the application process.  During this time you can make over Substantial Gainful Activity.  If you do make over this amount and are not able to keep your employment it will affect your backpay if approved.

Follow the rules when working and applying for Social Security Disability and your application will be safe.

3.  Work Within Your Abilities

If you are filing a claim for disability for a bad back do not find a job running a jackhammer.  The work you find should be consistent with your disability.  Social Security is not for lazy folks that are trying to skirt the system.  Social Security Disability is not easy to get on.  If it was we would be out of business.  If you find work and you are seeking disability do work that is not contradictory to your claim.  Remember, you are telling the Social Security Administration that you are not able to work and make over Substantial Gainful Activity.

So remember it is OK to work if you make under the amount allowed by Social Security, work within your abilities.  If you find a job you that makes over the allotted amount you can are given a 90 day trial period.  If you are able to work that job on a regular basis and feel comfortable continuing your application is closed out and there is no penalty.  Social Security would prefer you work and if you have legal representation you would owe them nothing.

The people we deal with on a daily basis want to work and often it takes them months and even years to come to the decision that enough is enough.  They play hurt often making their conditions worse, but that is understandable.  Bills do not pay themselves, food is not free, and there is can be a sense of validation in working.  We understand where they are coming from because we would do the same thing.

Applying for Social Security Disability and Continuing to Work

Applying for Social Security Disability and Continuing to Work Is Possible if you Follow The Rules

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