Free Social Security Disability Phone Consultation

Free Social Security Disability Phone Consultations, Call (480)-442-0086
Free Social Security Disability Phone Consultation

Free Social Security Disability Phone Consultation

Alliance Disability Social Security Disability Phone Consultation for Nationwide Attorney Representation
for Applications, Appealing Denial Letters and Hearings with an Administrative Law Judge.

Call us for a Free Social Security Disability Phone Consultation. Why wait? Social Security Disability applications take time and effort. The sooner you start the process the sooner you will get an answer. Give us a call regarding your legal representation at (480) 442-0086 we’re prepared to talk. All Social Security Disability consultations are free, and there’s never any obligation to use our services. To complete a Social Security Disability consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys, you don’t need to prepare and get your medical records ready; the information we need to complete a thorough phone consultation is in your head. We will always let you know during your first call whether we can represent your Social Security Disability application. Typically the consultation takes 10 to 20 minutes and focuses on basic information about your medical conditions, and your past work. If you are concerned about paying for an attorney keep three things in mind.

  • 1. All attorneys nationwide are paid out of the back pay awarded by Social Security. The average attorney fee in 2014 was abour $2850.
  • Any future monthly payments after a successful applications goes entirely to the applicant. Attorneys can not make any money on future payments.
  • You only pay a Social Security Disability attorney if they are successful at getting your benefits approved.
Give us a call for a free social security disability phone consultation.

The Social Security Administration is not in the business of making sure you get the best shot for your disability claim. If they were, we would be out of business. Let our knowledge and experience in dealing with disability claims go to work for you and ensure that Social Security gives you the best shot possible at winning your disability claim. Give us a call for your free Social Security Disability phone consultation today.

Appealing a Denied Social Security Application

You and 70% of everyone who applies. It’s far from the end of the world and it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get the benefits that you need. Many of those who are denied benefits initially go on to be approved after appealing their cases. So what can you do to ensure you appeal your application the right way?

Your application forBenefits has been denied?

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