How Much Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?

How Much Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?

How Much Does a Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?

How Much Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?
Social Security Attorney Fees are the Same Nationwide.

The Social Security Disability Attorney cost is controlled strictly by the Social Security Administration. Any representation in the 50 states and U.S. territories abides by the same regulations for payment. The rates are the same no matter where you find help, and Social Security Disability Attorneys fees are only paid when successful at obtaining benefits for their client. There is never any need to pay upfront, make payment plans, or even negotiate your terms. You won’t have to sell the family heirloom to the pawn shop spinning the “We Buy Gold” sign on the corner, or donate plasma weekly to afford legal assistance. The fee in all Social Security Disability cases is set by the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration. All Social Security Disability attorneys must abide by this rate. Social Security pays a representative directly out of the back pay. A claimant will receive a breakdown of how their payment distributed. Simply, payment is always dependent on a successful outcome for benefits and is paid directly by the Social Security Administration out of your back pay.

Who Sets The Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?
The amount charged by Social Security Disability attorneys is the same nationwide. The Disability Attorney Cost is set by the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration.
Social Security Disability Attorney Cost

If an attorney is successful in a Social Security Disability claim, 25% of the clients back pay is paid to their attorney. The rate is set and regulated by the Social Security Administration. If you are unable to get approved you owe your representative absolutely nothing. It is very simple you only pay a Social Security Disability Attorney out of the back pay of your earnings and only if you are successful at getting your disability benefits. Future benefits are 100% off limits to any representation. This is the same nationwide.

Since disability attorneys are all paid the same, don’t worry about shopping around for a deal. Instead, focus on finding a firm that’s a good fit for you. When making your choice we always say trust your gut. Go with the firm that makes you feel the most comfortable. A Social Security Disability firm that takes an active interest up front tends to actively be involved throughout the case. There are times when we talk to people and never hear from them again. That is fine we don’t want someone to come on board with doubts. We are here to provide the information and answer your questions. If you are the right fit for us, and you feel we are the right fit for you, that’s great. Attorney fees should not be a factor when selecting your representation.

Don't Consider Disability Attorney Cost When Selecting An Attorney
All Disability Attorneys are paid the same amount so don’t spend time shopping for a bargain. Don’t consider Disability Attorney Cost, instead focus on whether your attorney is a good fit for you and meets your specific needs.
How Much Does A Disability Attorney Cost?

Social Security Disability Attorneys receive 25% of the back pay, not to exceed $6,000. The average payment in 2014 was around $2850. The $6,000 maximum payout is not an everyday occurrence. Typically these would be for cases that have been pending for far too long.

The fee is 25% of your past due benefits or back pay. Generally back pay is the amount of past due benefits that accrue from the time you apply for benefits until the time you’re approved. Applying can be tough on most people financially. At least upon approval you are paid for the time you wait for Social Security to process your claim for disability. As in most things in life, there are certain exceptions that apply to back pay. A knowledgeable representative would be aware of these exceptions and sometimes can even get you more than was originally awarded by Social Security.

One common exception is when applying for Disability Insurance Benefits, your back pay will start once you have been out of work for five months. It is possible to get approved in the first stage and get little to no back pay. When this happens to a client Social Security Attorney Fees sometimes are zero. Sometimes attorneys do work pro bono!

Social Security Disability Attorney Cost - 25% of Backpay
All Social Security Disability attorneys are paid the same amount. The Disability Attorney Cost is 25% of backpay or $6000, whichever is less. Backpay in a disability case is generally the amount that accrues between the time you apply for benefits and the time you are approved.
When An Attorney Can Charge a Fee
(2)(A) In the case of a claim of entitlement to past-due benefits under this title, if—

(i) an agreement between the claimant and another person regarding any fee to be recovered by such person to compensate such person for services with respect to the claim is presented in writing to the Commissioner of Social Security prior to the time of the Commissioner’s determination regarding the claim,

(ii) the fee specified in the agreement does not exceed the lesser of—

(I) 25 percent of the total amount of such past-due benefits (as determined before any applicable reduction under section 1127(a)), or
(II) $6,000, and

(iii) the determination is favorable to the claimant,

Disability Attorney Cost And When a Fee Can Be Charged

Disability Attorney Cost only Charged If You Win
When you hire a Disability Attorney, don’t worry about getting stuck with a bill you can’t pay. The Disability Attorney Cost is only paid if you ultimately win your case for benefits.
Are There Other Costs Involved?
Additional costs in a Social Security Disability case are uncommon. During the first and second stages of a claim, , Social Security will collect and pay for any medical records related to your disability claim. However, in the third phase Social Security puts this responsibility back on the claimant. If your case goes to a hearing with a judge you and your attorney will be responsible for collecting and paying for any new medical evidence. We always encourage our clients to get updated records as they visit their doctors; this keeps costs down. In most states, the law says that you are entitled to receive a free copy of your medical records for the purposes of medical care. If a client does not collect these records and medical records are necessary to prove their case the cost falls on your representative to acquire your records.. The cost for medical records can be ridiculous. We do everything we can to fight the charges, but the last thing we want to have to do is pass this cost back to our clients. It is critical as a claimant to be proactive and get any new records if you are waiting for a hearing. The last thing we want is to pass along a cost to a person who rarely can afford it. Work with your disability attorney and get those records! Keep in mind that if we need to pay for medical records to prove your case, and you lose your case, you DO NOT owe us for medical records. We eat the cost if your case is unsuccessful.

Disagree with the Attorney Cost?

If your application for benefits is approved and you feel like your attorney didn’t do much on your case, you can file a grievance against your Social Security Disability attorney/advocate. Be careful when making this argument. Attorneys like most people like money and will do the work necessary to get a client approved. Many times during a claim a client will complain because they feel their attorney is doing nothing. Sometimes, this is true however many times the attorney is working the claim and does not communicate every little detail. Many attorneys feel that they were hired to relieve the burden of dealing with Social Security and the issues that come up during a claim. Why don’t they always communicate the issues? They know how to fix them, and they know they sound a lot worse in a client’s mind than they really are. If you feel like you made the right choice in your disability representation, give your attorney the benefit of the doubt.

At Alliance Disability, the Social Security Disability Attorney Cost Is 25% of Backpay Benefits

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