Social Security Disability Hearing Advice

Social Security Disability Hearing Advoce from an Alliance Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability Judges Prefer Experience in Hearings
Social Security Disability Hearing Advice

Get Representation and This is Why…

Hiring an attorney to help with your disability hearing brings several advantages. An attorney is an expert in disability law, they know the ins and outs and the potential pitfalls. An attorney has likely helped people with your exact same condition and limitations to get approved. That being said, one of the least talked about, but most important things that an attorney brings to your hearing is his or her knowledge of the judge assigned to your case.

I realize that this is America, where the rule of law reigns supreme. For the most part it does, however, Judges are people; they’re not perfect and there are things that they want to know or see in order to be convinced of your disability. In saying this, I’m in no way saying that disability judges do whatever they want. They are all trained attorneys and know and apply the law well, but many times knowing how to present the case to a judge is what makes all the difference.

For example, knowing the background of a judge can make a big difference in the outcome of a case. One judge that we’ve worked with was a special prosecutor against narcotic crimes for twenty-years. In every case where a claimant for disability had a history of any abuse he would dig into them over their substance abuse history. It came to the point that whenever we had a client assigned to that judge we would always make sure that the client started to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, even if they had stopped any abuse years ago, because that’s what the judge wanted to see.

Another judge we worked with was the type that would always talk himself into approving a case; literally. Our strategy with this judge was to let him do the talking and only speak when spoken to. If someone were to go into a hearing with that particular judge and start rattling off their problems, they’d probably hurt their chances more than anything else.

When a judge knows the attorney, they’re willing to talk to them about a case. Often times if the judge and attorney are familiar with each other, the judge will call the attorney in before the disability hearing and discuss the case. The judge will tell the attorney what needs to be shown to win the case, they’ll tell the attorney what weaknesses they see. As you can probably imagine, knowing your target before going into the hearing can make a significant difference. Sometimes a judge will tell an attorney that the case isn’t quite strong enough yet and let the attorney know what needs to be there before the case can be approved; this can lead postponing the hearing so that the needed evidence can be gathered. This simple familiarity between judges and attorneys can work miracles in your case. If you don’t know the judge, you may not get this same information.

Every judge has little things that they want to see, and there is a right and wrong way to approach every judge. Experienced attorneys know this. An experienced attorney knows your judge and knows what that judge wants to see. At Alliance Disability, we craft our hearing strategy around the judge assigned to your case. We know the judges and we know what they want to see and we work with you to make sure that the evidence that judge wants to see is obtained.
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