I Was Denied Social Security Disability, Now What?

Social Security Disability Applications are usually denied but the system does allow for appeals.

A: Your greatest chances of being approved for disability benefits are at the administrative law judge level of appeal. After your claim has been appealed twice (both at the initial claim and reconsideration level) you will eventually have the opportunity to appear before an administrative law judge to make your case for disability. Statistically your chances of being approved at … Read More

Social Security Disability and Back Injuries

Alliance Disability Social Security Disability Attorneys

Back injuries are among the most common reasons that people apply for Social Security Disability. There’s no doubt that a serious back injury can significantly limit your ability to work. There are three major ways to win your disability claim based on a back injury. There are other ways, but this article focuses only on these three:

Why Should I See a Social Security Doctor?

Should I go to my appointment with the Social Security Doctor?

  Ask a Disability Attorney   Age 35, Student A:  In some cases you may be required to see a doctor as part of your disability case. It is pretty normal, and most people filing for disability will be necessary to attend such an exam. As part of your application for benefits, Social Security has to come to a conclusion as to what … Read More